As all the research confirms, low sugar diets are good for you whether you want to lose weight or simply be well and healthy. Going low sugar is not just about replacing sugar with sweeteners it is about changing your pallet and we do this the natural way..
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We are free from artificial sweeteners; it means that we help you kick the habit for life the natural way.


Pulses - Not the greatest protein source

September 08, 2015

Knowing that protein is good for you is now widely understood by men and women in gyms, who have long been guzzling protein shakes at every opportunity. Weight Watchers also introduced the ‘pro-points’ system to reflect the importance of protein. This is all good news generally, but what is less well known are the key variations between different protein sources, and the frequency of intake of protein.

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Why Avoiding Sugar Benefits Brain Health

January 28, 2015

Sugar is currently the focus of what is wrong with the nation’s diet. Apart from the ‘obvious’ reasons why sugar in large amount is bad for health - eg: obesity, type 2 diabetes, etc, sugar in the diet has also been linked to brain health and ageing. With growing levels of individuals being diagnosed with a form of dementia (there are more than 100 forms of dementia), the message of what can be done to prevent and manage dementia is a common topic. So, what can people do to change their lifestyles and nutrition to have a positive impact on their health?

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Weight Loss Surgery and Diabetes Management

November 05, 2014

This week one of the main health stories has been surrounding the latest announcement that weight loss surgery will indeed reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. With World Diabetes day on the 14th of November, in this blog we look at the article at the heart of this story and what it means for overall health and sustainability.

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